What are Page Personalizations and why should I use them?

Each of your visitors has unique needs and wants, so delivering one site experience to everyone leaves you with a page that doesn't truly resonate with anyone.
To tackle this problem, Unless lets you create different versions of your pages (or your entire website, if you want), each targeted at a specific audience segment.

What are the benefits of creating Personalizations?

Their main benefit is how they can increase conversion rate and even lower your costs for paid channels. It's all about creating a relevant page experience for your visitors. 

  • Better ad targeting = higher ad quality + lower Cost-per-Click → improved ROI
  • More effective marketing = higher conversion + improved customer satisfaction
  • More relevant content = more shares → increase in earned media traffic
  • Increase in “time on page” and  “pages per visit” = improved search ranking 

Ready to set up your first personalizations? Here's a step-by-step guide that will lead you through the process.  

What can I do with Page Variations?

Page Variations can be used for:

  • Creating different experiences for each segment of your audience.
  • Communicating different value propositions to each audience segment. 
  • Ad campaigns 
  • Targeted email campaigns
  • Copywriting experiments
  • Conversion Rate Optimization experiments
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