Ideas for category personalizations:

  • Hide the "Subscribe to newsletter" box across the website for all existing subscribers.
  • Display a phone number in your footer for visitors from the U.S.
  • Swap out the "call us" CTA in your navigation for a "request demo" CTA for all visitors who arrived from an AdWords ad. 
  • Display a "20% discount" message on all product pages for returning visitors.

How to create a category personalization:

1. Think of your page category

Decide on a category of pages you want to personalize for.
We want to personalize all pages stored under the category "features"(

2. Select a page

Pick a page within the chosen category and create a new variation of it. Finally, select "apply to multiple pages" from the menu.

Example: We created a variation of the page 

3. Define a URL pattern with a wildcard

A new dialogue box will appear. Here, you have to define your wildcard pattern (see next step) and click on "apply".

Example: We defined a wildcard for all pages in the category*

4. Wildcard options

4.1. You can use the wildcard at the end of a path:*
this will match

4.2. You can use the wildcard in between:*/features
this will match

4.3. You can even define multiple wildcards in one path:*/features/*
this will match


5. Design your category personalization

Finally, design the page and select an audience. The design will apply to all pages that match the wildcard pattern. 

Example: In our case, the personalizations will apply to all Features pages. 

6. Test

To make sure everything works properly, test all the pages affected by your wildcard path.

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