Why should I use goals?

With goals, you can track how often each audience segment completes a specific action. The results help you understand and optimize your visitors experience.


  • visitor bought product
  • visitor subscribed to newsletter
  • visitor downloaded PDF

How to set up a goal:

A goal can be triggered based on page viewed (e.g. mysite.com/thank-you). With some coding skills, you can adjust the goal script to track other actions (e.g. button click).

1. Get goal script:

When naming your goal, a custom script will appear in the right sidebar. 

You can replace the dots in the script with additional code or remove them.

2. Place the goal script:

Place the script on the destination page (i.e. the page the visitors see when they complete an action). Here, you can choose between three options.

1. Option: Add a custom tag to Google Tag Manager
This option is recommended if you're familiar with tracking events via Google Tag Manager. You can either create a new Custom tag or add the script to an existing tag. 

2. Option: Create an Unless personalization and add the goal script
First, create a personalization for your destination page (e.g. mysite.com/login-successful) targeted at Everyone

Next, start designing the page and add the script as Custom Javascript.

If you have personalized your destination page, add the goal script to all your personalizations (additionally to creating the personalization targeted at Everyone).

3. Option: Add goal script to your website using Javascript.
Ask you developer to add the goal script to the destination page using Javascript. 

Goals and audiences

Goals are tracked for all of your website visitors. On your Insights page, you can see how often a goal has been reached for each audience. The control group is tracked separately.   

Help! I can't set any goals.

Goals are only available to users with Unless version 5 or higher. To upgrade, go to https://unless.com/en/dashboard/goals and click on the upgrade button.

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